2008 February


Dear Friends,
January barreled in and now–can you believe it–February is upon us!  The days fly.  Fortunately, they’ve been good ones and very productive.  Since last we chatted, I’ve finished the new book in the WAR GAME series.  KILL ZONE is the first book in S.A.S.S. Unit #2, the Special Abilities Team, or S.A.T.  The lead is Dr. Morgan Cabot, an intuitive psychologist, and she was an amazingly terrific  heroine to write.  In KILL ZONE, you meet her team members, Taylor Lee and Jazie Craig.  Very different, very real and very entertaining women.  I’m loving this group!  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on publication developments.
I thought I’d focus on answering some of your recent questions.  Thanks so much for your notes and emails.  I can’t begin to tell you how much your support and kindnesses mean to me.
Here’s hoping 2008 is being a gem of a year for you and yours and you’re seeing your dreams become reality!




Reader Questions

Why is it taking so long for your next book to come out?

After an author finishes a book, it takes about a year–sometimes longer–for a book to get through the publishing process to the shelf.  I had a touchy time for while and needed multiple eye surgeries and that interrupted the “flow.”

Since the flow was already interrupted, I spent some time writing things I wanted to write.  I experimented.  Played.  Wrote some projects for the sheer joy of writing them.

I love my books.  Yet there are projects I want to write that don’t fit in the market.  I call them my “Sunday” books or projects.  They’re works I write for the sheer love of writing them.  Since I had the opportunity to do it, I just took that to a new level–and remember, in a span of six months, I got three new grands that need serious Gran spoiling, too!

The flow will be back soon.  In the meantime, I’ll try to work something out.  Maybe a project just for my readers on the web.  Let me think on it and see what I can do…

You say you work on three or four books at a time, but there’s nothing about them on your website.  Two questions:  1.  Could you put something there to let us know what you’re doing?  2.  Does it get confusing, writing on several books at one time?

As to #1:  I don’t like to talk about the books while I’m writing them.  Once you talk through a book, you lose that initial burst of enthusiasm.  I like to save that for the page.  That said, I could post a tidbit about them, I suppose.  I’ll get with my web guru and get something done.

As to #2:  Working on multiple books simultaneously could get confusing if they were the same kind of books.  So I try to work on different types of projects to avoid that.

There are times when it comes in handy.  Like when working on series.  Often I think in clusters for books, which is why I write so many related books, or series like Seascape, the lady books and WAR GAMES.

If you plot three or so at once, it helps get the characters firmly in mind and their traits and story lines planned.  You can set the foundation for things that will happen several books down the road, which is great fun.

It really depends on the author and how his/her mind works.  Blessing or curse, mine works in clusters.


Keyword Progress Report

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that a great tip I discovered was to adopt a couple key words that represent where and on what you want to focus your energy.  For 2008, my keywords are production, gratitude, and substance.

January’s progress report:

Production:  I finished one book, plotted three others in a new series, researched a pending project and plotted a short story.

Gratitude:  I have been more aware of all my blessings, which is in itself a blessing that bodes for brighter days and serenity.  Ah, welcome, welcome, welcome.

Substance:  This has been amazing for all its benefits.  In short, it’s good to know you’re spending your life in ways that matter to you.  I highly recommend substance.

Thanks so much for visiting with me.  I hope you’ll keep in touch and let me hear from you.  Check out the links to the left for the ways available to make contact.  Until next time, I wish you and yours peace, joy and many, many blessings!



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