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Happy Spring!

March came in with authority.  Continued flu from January, the n-virus and just as I was recouping from that, a sinus infection.  A triple whammy compounded by a crashed website. I’m sorry if you’ve tried to get on and couldn’t.  We’re up and running again, but not yet pristine perfect.  Work on it continues.  When you have a site with so much on it—the books, the library, the blogs and all manner of stuff—it takes a while.

Spring is upon us and that means my angels are playing baseball.  Two different teams, so every game’s a double-header.  You know I’m loving that!  Opening day, we won one and lost one, so had a celebratory/consolatory gathering.  Lots of fun.

A sign the angels are getting older:  When asked my age, I say,”Thirty-Nine and holding.”  Well, this past weekend on my birthday, the eldest angel asks, “Gran, just how many times have you held 39?”  We all sputtered our iced-tea.  Not little anymore.  Nope!

On the book front, there’s news, too.  Torn Loyalties, the third book in my Lost-Inc. series, is out now.  It’s a Love Inspired Suspense.  These three—Survive the Night, Christmas Countdown and Torn Loyalties—are stand alone books, but it is best to read them in order.  Just a heads up on that.   When you read, you’ll see why.

Bell Bridge Books has also just published Legend of the Mist (written in 1989 and published first by Pinnacle as Festival).  I wrote this book for my mother, an avid reader, including all her favorite things, which was quite a feat!

Maybe This Time has returned in trade paperback and will be out in ebook, probably before you receive this note.  This book I wrote for my dad, right after his death in 1988.  It’s what’s now called a paranormal romantic suspense.  When I wrote it, that sub-genre didn’t yet exist.  I’m smiling at the memory.  It took longer to explain what kind of story it was than to relate the story!

On the website on Legend and Time’s book page, there’s the inside scoop on behind the story, if you’d like to read it.

I intended to do a new video for you this month, but, well, read the first paragraph again.  My paddling as fast as I can has been stuck in reverse and treading water.  Better days are ahead, right?
I am, between challenges, working on two new projects:  Down & Dead, Inc. and Sampson Park.  Will share more on those soon!  Until next time, have a wonderful, joyful spring!



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